Alan Johnson's Landscape Services

commercial property

Our mission


  • Create well-designed landscapes based on your vision and needs
  • Incorporate methods to improve the environment such as rain gardens to control stormwater runoff or invasive plant removal.   
  • Reduce your inputs in maintaining the site (labor, machinery, chemicals, water). 
  • Choose plant materials based on careful site analysis that
    •   when sized correctly require little pruning to maintain
    •   are drought tolerant
    •   are as deer resistant as possible
    •   create wildlife habitat - an urgent need in home landscapes 

What makes us different

We specialize in conservation gardening to develop landscapes that are adaptable in North Carolina's Piedmont region.  Using as many native plants in the garden as possible can provide a nectar source for pollinators and an important food supply for the larval stage of many butterflies. This can begin to build a garden environment that increases the diversity of other beneficial insects and birds. Birds require insects as a food source to rear their young.


We also use many other non native plants for their adaptability and to create a more visually diverse garden.